Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Exciting News!

Wow, we have had a busy last few days!  It has been such a fun-filled summer, but to be honest, I am so ready for some fall weather.  The fact that Football season is starting makes me want cool weather even more!  Anyway, just thought I'd share what our little family was up to this busy Labor Day weekend.  Well, we started the week going to this cool (and free) water park down in El Dorado Hills.  It is so much fun!  We took Madison to it last year but she was too little to enjoy it.  She actually hated it.  But this year, after her usual scoping out of the scene, she had an absolute blast!  She was running through all the water squealing like a Picolote Pete firework.  It was so fun to watch her.  Well, we didn't really watch, we were in there with her playing too.  Kyle and I were soaked through our clothes by the time we left.  Since that was such a hit and the heat just seemed to be increasing, we went again Friday afternoon with my mom (the park closed after Labor Day).  This time, Kyle and I came equipped with our own swimsuits!  Again, Madison was our little squealing firework running through the water and even going up and checking out some kids.  That was pretty cool to me because she is a little on the shy side.  So, it was fun to see her interact with other little ones.  That evening, too tired to cook, we stopped by Hog Wild (new BBQ place in Placerville) and got dinner to bring home.  It looked great, but I dodn't eat much of mine...more on that later.  The next day, Madison and I went with my mom to do some shopping down in Folsom and at Ross, I found 2 more of these Disney "Look and Find" books which she loves.  She has been pulling those guys out everyday since so I think it was a $12 well spent.  Sunday morning was spent doing our regular routine of getting Starbucks with my mom and eating cheese bagels while watching the Country Music Countdown.  Madison likes her some country music (well, anything with a beat really) and did her usual dancing around while asking for more bites of our bagels.  Sunday night, my baby girl spent the night at her Grandma's for only the 2nd time.  Since her last molar just broke through, we thought that it would be a good night to do it (no teething pains) and my mom had Monday off.  She did great although my mom had a little trouble getting her to go to sleep at first.  I had a fit-ful night's sleep but managed to sleep in an extra hour, so that was definitely nice!  To wrap up the weekend, me, Madison, my mom, and brother all went to Apple Hill.  We stopped by Abel's Acres to see the horses and the vendors and then we went to High Hill where we set up a blanket by the pond and ate lunch and pie there.  Madison was having a tickle war with her Uncle Tor and loved running barefoot on the grass.  It was such a fun/busy weekend!

A quick update on Madison's language:  she is talking SO much!  Not too much to where you can understand, but wow is she trying!  Although we might not understand everything she is saying, she understands 90% of what we are saying.  It is insane how we'll say an animal (for example) in passing and she'll interrupt us to do that animal's sound.  She follows directions so well too.  So, obviously we have a strict cursing ban on the house and Kyle and I now even double think about what is on TV.

In other news, I am SO pleased to announce that Kyle and I are expecting baby #2!  I am 11 weeks along and due March 28th, 2012.  Madison will be just a few short weeks of turning 2.  I just went to the Dr today for my first ultrasound and everything looks great and healthy.  Even though it's our second time on this merry-go-round, seeing that little baby in there is just awe-inspiring!  We got a great view of it's arms and legs but it was moving around so much that the Dr wasn't able to get a great shot for a picture.  Seeing that baby on the screen definitely made it feel real (you would think the morning/evening sickness I've been having, worse than with Madison, would make it feel real enough, huh?).  Luckily, I am thanking my lucky stars that the 1st trimester is almost over and I can go back to eating good dinners!    Again, the Dr said everything looked great and it looks like I am on the road to another boringly healthy pregnancy.  I just hope this labor isn't as long as the last!!!  Anyway, as always, thank you for reading and I hope this finds everyone in good health and happiness!  Much love to you all!

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